ATM Solutions

The Basics

Our 50/50 Service Program is specifically designed for business owners who prefer fewer ATM services than the Full-Service Program.

Services and Benefits

This particular service program still offers a variety of services and benefits, but does require more effort from the business owner. The 50/50 Service Program is less costly than our Ownership Program, but you share your risk (up front investment) with ATM Bancorp.

Save Money

This Program is designed for the businessperson who wants to be a bit more hands-on without the equipment costs. This no-nonsense model pays you for your share of the operating efforts. This service program includes:

  • ATM
  • Service
  • Signage
  • Commission (50%)
  • Tech Support
  • Daily Transfers
  • Paper
  • ATM Bancorp Services

We monitor the ATM 24 hours a day. Our services are professional and prompt.

No Hidden Expenses & Fees
  • - Absolutely no out-of-pocket expenses
  • - No cost for the ATM or lease payment
  • - No increased insurance fees
  • - No cost for service, technical support, paper, supplies, or software updates
Increase Your Revenue

Adding an ATM to your business can add approximately $10,800 sales revenues per month or $129,600 per year to your bottom line!

Requires Less From The Business Owner - Save Time!

The 50/50 program provides the equipment and set-up at no cost to your business. You provide and fill your own cash into the ATM. Each transaction fee is then equally split between you and ATM Bancorp.

We provide all equipment, installation, daily funds transfer, set up services, and ATM services. You provide electricity, physical space for the ATM, a communications connection, and cash for the ATM.