Bank Branding

ATM Bancorp, Inc. has changed how ATM operators and financial institutions work together to provide ATM access to their customers. We partner with major retailers, event venues, workplace locations, and small independent merchants to provide safe, clean, accessible, and convenient locations for customers to perform surcharge free transactions.

Customer Experience

Our goal is to provide a consistent experience for our bank partner customers, using consistent signage, screens, and marketing to deliver the same exceptional experience customers have grown to expect when they visit our bank partner locations.


We have a plan to fit your needs and we are always willing to work with our partners to identify new opportunities to help meet their customer needs.

ATM | Brand

Our ATM, your brand. Due to our unique operating structure, ATM Bancorp can operate our fleet of ATMs at a much lower cost than most banks, credit unions, and many of our peers. We believe in partnerships and to demonstrate our commitment to our partners we pass on these savings by eliminating monthly branding fees. We want to be your partner, not collect a check every month.

ATM | Manage

For those sites that you simply need to place, that don’t meet our typical branding standards. ATMB will charge a monthly fee to operate, with all the monthly revenue going back to the bank partner. This option is great for workplace locations, office buildings, business partner locations, and low volume branch locations.

Condition, Security, and Compliance

Convenient locations and exceptional service are important when selecting an ATM partner, but at ATMB we also realize how important condition, security and compliance is for our partner banks and have developed a proactive survey program designed to identify issues before they become a problem.

We check ATM condition, lighting, cleanliness, and for skimming devices on each visit, and all regulatory and ADA compliance related items monthly. All our surveys are performed using Veri[SNAP] from ATM Business Solutions and all data and photos are uploaded to our online database for access 24/7/365.

At ATMB we understand that our success is built on providing an exceptional experience for our partners and their customers.

Service Level

Our unique service structure also allows us to operate at a higher level than many of our peers and provide an optimal level of service that is unmatched in the industry. While ATM availability is an adequate benchmark, we believe it isn’t doing enough to ensure a positive customer experience for our partners and their customers.

ATM availability is only a part of our service commitment to our customers. In talking to our partners and industry experts we have found that receipt issues and cash outages are major pain points for customers. At ATMB we have created a ZERO | hassle experience, aiming to ensure that cash and receipts are available on every visit. We monitor our ATMs 24 hours a day for service issues, check cash levels every morning, and receipt paper levels on each visit. To achieve our ZERO | hassle experience we do not load our ATMs on a schedule, but as needed to avoid cash out situations. We provide 1st and 2nd line maintenance from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm seven days per week, 365 days per year. We use remote managing software and have great working relationships with our merchant partners to address minor issues as they occur saving hours over a typical service call to ensure our ATMs are available when your customers need them.